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Why Schedule A Headshot Session

Headshots are the key to starting a career as a professional actor, yes and even nonactors. It doesn’t matter how talented you are. Without the right headshot your genious will go unnoticed. Headshots for actors and non-actor are like business cards for busy corporate climbers, outstyanding Instagram grids or for aspiring influencers on any assortment of social media platforms. So, choosing the right headshot photographer is key.


What Your Headshot Photographer Should Know

Besides all the technical knowhow about photography equipment, lighting (studio and location), and artestry of choosing great camera angles along with background pairing, these are three things I believe all headshot photographers should know.

1. How to connect with his/her subject and create a comfortable creative work space. 

2. A good photographer will find a way to identify your true and current character.

3. How to take your picture so the end product looks like you. 


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