A portrait/headshot session starts with a free consultation (usually about one week before the shoot date). We can meet, either in person or by telephone, to discuss how to prepare for your photo shoot. what type of portrait is most suitable for your specific personal and/or professional needs.  During most consultations I cover wardrobe, makeup, hair, and how to model/pose/move during the session.  Call 415.206.1680 to make an appointment for a free consultation.

For nearly 25 years I have been coaching, directing, and photographing all kinds of people who have never been professionally photographed and those who are regurlary. My directing style incorporates a movement technique that is both natural and easy to learn. I will explain this technique in greater detail during the consultation. The lighting I use will be customized for you and is based on your individual needs, style, and emotive quality. 

During most studio photo-sessions, 3-4 changes of clothing are brought.  Men change their hairstyles usually once.  Women change their hairstyles 3 to 4 times with slight makeup changes to match.  With hair and makeup changes, lighting and background changes are altered as well.   


Cost:  The studio portrait/headshot session described above, which includes one file or 10(8x10) prints of one image, is $400.00. Makeup and hair stylists is priced separately ($175-350).  If you are looking for several different looks in one session, requiring additional studio time and hair, makeup and lighting changes, that might increase the cost of your shoot.  We can discuss your project during consultation and agree upon the price before we set a date for your session.

Outdoor or location portrait/headshot sessions start at $425.00.


Images from the shoot:  Proofs of your studio session will be made available on line within 48 hours, after the shoot.   View your proofs as often as you like.  Take your time. Show them to your friends, get some feedback and then call us with your choices. Need more feedback?  No problem.  Come in for a free review consultation after your shoot.  clients  We will spend, on the average, 30 minutes of Photoshop time, retouching your pictures without charge.  If you wish to purchase Photoshop time for retouching your images, the hourly rate is $85.00/hour.


File and print prices: Call for a quote.  415-206-1680 We will let you know the cost, depending on the intended usage.  


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