Kingmond Young Photography Studio 415.206.1680: Kingmond Young Photography(KYP) is a full service studio experienced in producing advertising, catalog, collateral, editiorial, and even simple portrait photo-shoots on location or in-studio photo sessions. Services include, casting, prop search, makeup and hair styling, set building, and catering. KYP Studio is located in San Francisco and is near public transportation (BART and Muni), major freeways, and SFO International Airport.

Kingmond Young Photography(KYP) is a full service studio experienced in conceptualizing and producing advertising, collateral, stock, and editiorial photo-shoots on location or in-studio. Other services include, casting, prop hunting, makeup and hair styling, set building, and catering. Kingmond will travel. He has completed assignments in almost every major city in the U.S. KYP Studio is based in San Francisco and is near public transportation (BART & MUNI), major freeways, and SFO International Airport.

On a more personal scale .   .   .  if you need a portrait sessions, Kingmond has has been coaching beginners and directing experts for over 30 years. Kingmond uses a one-on-one-improvisational style to direct his shoots.  He will stay connected to his subjects throughtout every session. Before most most sessions, usually about a week, subjects will meet Kingmond either in person or by telephone to review wardrobe, makeup, hair, and how to model/pose/move during the session. Every headshot is an emotionally informed experience.  KYP lighting is customized for each person and is based on individual needs, style, and emotive quality. To learn more about this directing technique, call us at 415.206.1680 to make an appointment for consultation.

Back to basics .   .   . nearly all files/prints that KYP provides customers are normally optimized and cleaned using PhotoShop. KYP will spend an average of 30 minutes retouching photo-files without charge. You may also purchase PhotoShop time separately. 

Big productions .   .   .  require skill, knowledge, experience, and the right people. KYP has been poducing photoshoots throughout the San Francisco Bay Area for nearly 30 years. We believe we know how, who to contact, and where to go, to create great photography.

Clients .   .   .  EBMUD, Wells Fargo, Reed Publishing, Kimpton Group, SFCM,,, Safeway, NCSMDC, UCBH, Foundation Center, Asia Foundation, Edgar Dunn & Co., InterMune Inc., San Francisco School District, Navio, WD Partners, Wall Homes, American Medical Association, Department of Commerce, Kodak, Casite, Caldwell Banker, Opera San Jose

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